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Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Welcome to Guest Week folks!  The final one ever here at the CRAZYVERSE!  And boy did I luck out this time!  Rich Clabaugh of the great Graveyard Gang comic did this awesome strip giving Mike and Mindy one last hurrah before heading to the beach for retirement!  Enjoy…

Uh oh Krampus, you better watch yourself!  Mike and Mindy aren't your everyday kids and can definitely hold their own!  They certainly are much better mannered in Rich's cartoon universe than mine!  So polite!

Rich Clabaugh is the brilliant mind and hand behind the awesome web comic series Graveyard Gang, an all ages romp about a group of kids always getting into trouble with the supernatural spooks of their hometown of Ghostport, Massachusetts.  With a name like that, how can that town NOT expect any kind of spectral activity?  Rich is also a very good friend and a longtime supporter of the CRAZYVERSE, just a genuinely good guy all around.  His comic is all ages for good reason: ANY one of ANY age can read and enjoy it.  Rich is quickly getting up their with artists like Jimmy Gownley and Stan Sakai as being tops in the field so if you haven't read it yet, click the links!  You'll love what you see!

Well, that's all for this week folks.  Thanks again to Rich Clabaugh for sending Mike And Mindy off on a high note!  Next week's a light post featuring a new Christmas Splash Page from the CRAZYVERSE faithful!  Until then, take care and remember to think of others this Christmas.  Donate now while there's still time!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014


And now, we come to another ending, this time for Mushrooms.  But where one strip ends, a new one begins, and now we get to know are new pals a little bit better!  So lets get on our party gear and head on over to CRAZY HQ for the shindig to end all shindigs…

Yup.  Peppertown is gonna be a pretty wild toon!  Did y'all expect anything different from me?  Honestly now!  That cake was tasty.  Took forever to comb it out of Bubble's fur though.  And even the Dancing Asparagus popped in for a bit!  And yes, that IS Mike and Mindy yelling surprise with the others!  Yeah, I know it's a copout since they don't actually have individual voices, but now you can all say you've seen them talk!

I've always felt guilty about Mushrooms.  The truth is, this series was what I sent in to the syndicates and MAD Magazine, but alas was always rejected.  I had so many ideas for it though that I didn't just want to shelve it and I felt two monthly comics was better than one, so along came Mushrooms.  With few reoccurring characters and no real point, it always seemed to be left out of the CRAZY canon.  I think some of my best comics were Mushrooms toons and hope down the line fans will come to appreciate it.  Not that no one did.  Mushrooms had it's fans, but amid the see of wackiness with Mike And Mindy and Bubble Fox, it often got lost in the shuffle.  I'm proud of where this series went and glad I did it.  Taught me much and proved I could handle dialogue-heavy strips too.

Well folks, that's all for now.  Next week, Rich Clabaugh from the awesome Graveyard Gang comic works his magic for Guest Week!  So come on down and enjoy a new look for Mike And Mindy!  Until then, take care and remember to donate this Holiday Season.  Help your fellow man.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014


We've come to it at last… The Christmas Rush!  Oh, and the final Mike And Mindy comic.  This is a day I've dreaded for a while, but know it had to come.  Plenty of thoughts are running through my head right now, but we'll get to that later.  For now, let's enjoy the grand finale...

Talk about a "Smashing" end!  I struggled for while with this.  Should it be a gag ending?  A happy ending?  Have the entire series just be a dream of a kid in the hospital?  I was about to give up when I remembered an old song from Eric Idle about life and its bright sides.  So yeah, Mike and Mindy have a happy ending by avoiding a gag.  When in doubt, search Monty Python out!

And so it ends.  I want to thank you all so much for the love and support I received these last five years.  I honestly never thought I'd get this far, but these goofy kids that came to me out desperation just wouldn't keep quiet.  To have gotten this far on a monthly schedule with characters that don't talk is certainly something and it is hard to walk away.  But the honest truth is I really have run out of ideas for them.  Having been a creator long enough now, I understand the "Quit while you're ahead" mentality much better.  It's never good to overstay your welcome, and I'd rather end Mike And Mindy now while they're still funny and fresh than just keep going with subpar stories and let them get stale.  I care about them too much.

Mike and Mindy will never truly be gone.  There are still several book projects and animated adventures in the works.  And they WILL get one more CRAZYVERSARY month in February so that they can float off into the sunset in style.

In the meantime, many hints have been dropped in recent months about the coming of a New CRAZY series.  And if you're a CRAZY Patron, you'd already know it, but for those that aren't, here's the title of the new comic!  Brace yourself for...

What is Peppertown you ask?  It's the wild tale of a lonely slacker named Joe who inadvertently adopts a wild little girl from outer space named Wendy!  Together, they form a bond and have many wild adventures!  Y'all have already had brief glimpses of Joe and Wendy, but the real fun begins in January!  So strap in and hold on to your bloomers when Peppertown arrives!

That's all for this week folks.  Next week, Mushrooms gets it's final farewell and offers even more of a glimpse into the new series.  You might even see an old pal or two, so be sure to stop on by.  And also, with the Holidays approaching, be sure to think of others this season.  It doesn't take much to help someone in need.  Make a difference and donate, be it food, money, clothes or toys.  Help others this Christmas.  Take care and I'll catch y'all later.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014


WELCOME TO TURKEY DAY!!! Sadly, I can't offer you a marathon of Mystery Science Theater 3000 episodes, but I can offer you great fans more bags of gas than congress!  The CRAZY CARTOON EXPERIMENT has returned!  And this time around, the theme was "Turn Your Characters Into Demented Parade Balloons," and boy did my pals in the web comics realm deliver!  So sit back and enjoy the seventh installment of CARTOON CRAZINESS!!!

First up, Picpak Dog creator Kim Belding crosses the finish line first…  Again!  The Pink Pooch was already pudgy enough, but luckily his ears had room to spare! 

And here is my entry!  With Bubble being part of the CRAZY family now, he wanted in too, and immediately came to regret it!  And so marks the final time Mike and Mindy will ever be inflated.  A somber moment for sure! 

 The next entry comes from good pal Thomas Barnett of the always hilarious Li'l Miesters!  Even in balloon form, Bean the cat has it out for poor little Ned!  Or rather "Big" Ned this time around!

Next up is my brother from another mother -And Country!- Warren Frantz of Off Season!  Warren's been dealing with Helium a lot lately.  After all, it was him that took my Helium Challenge joke seriously and thus created a Twitter sensation!  And it appears one of Gully's handlers has been hitting the Helium hard himself! 

Tim Green makes his CCE return with his Puffed Parade of Pals from Vinnie The Vampire!  Can't help but feel bad for poor Vinnie here.  He's the only one in that bunch that DIDN'T deserve this!  And Belfry may very well be the first ever inflated cartoon bat!  And how did Bob the Bulldog escape this same fate?  As Tim explained it to me "Bob's nobody's balloon!"

Ben Starzec of Dogs, Ducks And Aliens makes his CCE debut with a more traditional approach to a parade balloon.  And trust me, these two totally ran rough shed over the Macy's Parade last year after doing the "Doomsday Device" on Clifford the Big Red Dog!

 Next up is Darrell Toland of Stix And Bones is also making his CCE this go around by pumping up his crows Mo and Jinx!  The two greatest magpies this side of Heckle and Jeckle!

 And now, making his long awaited return to the CCE, Jason Platt of Mister And Me!  Jason's whimsical style always amazes me, not mention makes me insanely jealous!  And if you look closely enough, you might even spot two familiar faces hovering above the crowd!

And now, we have another new recruit for the CCE, Rex Garnett, Sr. of Dutch 'N Pals!  Clearly this is a parade balloon that doesn't like sharing the spotlight with other windbags!

Another old pal, Jamie Cosley of Cody The Cavalier, makes his long awaited return to the CCE!  Jamie may be the best kids' cartoonist in the country today and it's always a pleasure to have him on board!  He also assured me the Cody Balloon is filled with the gas from 5,000 cans of Pepsi! 

Scott Warren of the awesome and nostalgic Crunchy Bunches is also back for another round of CRAZY CARTOON madness!  And not surprising, Munchy forgot to patch certain spots!  Must've been Grimace seeking revenge! 

EW Crowe of The Hat And The Fat is back and giving notice to the Snoopy Balloon: His parade-hogging days are over!  Mighty Mouse Balloon, you're next!

Up next, making his LOOOOONG awaited CCE debut, the amazing Mark Stokes of the groundbreaking web comic Zombie Boy!  After three years of begging, Mark finally joined the party and delivered Balloon Gorr!  No doubt the ZB cast is thankful REAL Gorr isn't that big! 

Next up is another CCE repeat offender, the great Matt Gross of CAAATS!  Today he brings Balloon Olive and Balloon Hazel, probably the most evil parade balloons ever!  Seriously, these look like the kind of balloons the Joker would've sprung on Gotham in the first Batman movie! 

Here's a great piece of art from another CCE newcomer, Bryce Prevatte of Drake The Cool Vampire!  Bryce deserves special recognition here.  He really helped me out greatly with an awesome gift recently that'll help me with future projects.  He's living proof that there's still good out there. 

Making his return to the CCE is the brilliant James Point Du Jour of many many comics, including Satchel And Duff as seen above.  His art is just amazing in every detail.  Even more amazing?  That it took THIS long to get to a fart joke in one the CCE's!   

Heading to the homestretch is Jim Haas of Nate The Robot!  Clearly female robots are programmed for evil!  Even more wild, how can a balloon be made of metal?!  Thank goodness for cartoon logic!

And finally, we close the CCE parade with another debut, this one from Joseph D. Rodriguez from Wacky Monkeys!  If you've never read this comic, you're really missing out!  It's a visual delight with SOOO much detail in the art and action.  Before you think that's just a really mean little girl up there, read the comic!  Those monkeys deserve worse!

Well, that's all for this one folks.  There WILL be another CRAZY CARTOON EXPERIMENT!  When,  why, it'll be in April!  April, 29th to be precise!  The due date is April 22nd and the theme goes as follows:

Make a poster for a fake death metal band!

Ever notice how most metal bands got wild names?  Here's your chance to come up with your own!  It's single panel, so no need to kill yourself making it!  As always, keep it family-friendly and all-ages!  Hit me up on Twitter if interested and, of course, have fun drawing it!  Special mention goes to Dawn Griffin from Zorphbert & Fred for this one.  It was one of her "Clip Art Fail" posts that inspired it!

Well folks, that's all for November.  Be back next time as we say goodbye to comics' most colorful couple, Mike and Mindy!  Their final comic is sure to be a "Smash" hit that'll make y'all laugh until you cry!  And the new series' logo will FINALLY be released to the masses!  Until then, take care, have a happy and fun Thanksgiving, a safe and quick Black Friday and I'll catch y'all later!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


ONE WEEK TO TURKEY DAY!!!  Good thing I got all these comics to tie me over until then!  But we have a very special treat this week, as John Bintz of Dawn's Dictionary Drama has dropped in with a very "Shocking" appetizer!  Enjoy...

Wow!  Mike sure does "Light" up a room when given the chance!  This strip certainly was a "Jolt" to the senses!  A very "Electrifying" story if I do say so myself!

John Bintz is an amazing artist and pal!  His strip, Dawn's Dictionary Drama is wildly funny and even educational as it introduces new words every comic!  John's style is also a real eye-pleaser.  I love the way he draws eyes.  They're so darn expressive, almost like characters in their own right.  His stories are also hilariously crafted.  They're based in the real world, and yet still feature slapstick cartoon gags.  He also doesn't play down to the audience just because they are mostly kids.  He's a lot like Jimmy Gownley of Amelia Rules! fame, which is pretty darn good!  Thanks again John!  You really "Plugged" in the laughs here!

Well, that's all for today folks.  Next week, the CRAZY CARTOON EXPERIMENT returns with its seventh edition!  To celebrate, we're throwing the first ever CRAZY'S DAY BALLOON PARADE, just in time for Thanksgiving!  So be sure to "Float" on by for some "Well-Rounded" fun!  Until then, catch y'all later!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


WOO HOO!!!  TWO WEEKS TO TURKEY DAY!!!  And I now have enough Joel episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3000 to host my own proper Turkey Day Marathon!  Should be a fun time!  But until then, enjoy this second to last offering of Mushrooms!

Puns, puns puns!  How I love my puns!  Annie Hall truly is a hilarious movie and just classic fodder for sights gags!  The Reservoir Dogs panel is a bit sentimental as the yellow dog is a tribute to a dog I had as a kid named Rocky.  He was a sweet, goofy dog who pretty much disproved that pitbulls are vicious dogs.  The Dances With Wolves panel is a really cheap pun, but dammit, even I'm allowed to ground out every once in a while.  Turner And Hooch is a movie I'm sure still haunts Tom Hanks to this day, but to get this joke, you must remember that Ted Turner once owned WCW.  The Hills Have Eyes… Another really cheap pun.  I apologize.  And lastly, Backdraft really is one of my all time favorite movies, hence the reason I'm honoring it with a fart joke!

Well folks, another week has come to a close.  We'll be back next time with a New Guest Comic from John Bintz!  Until then, take care and I'll catch y'all next time!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Welcome to November my CRAZIES!!!  It's close to TURKEY DAY!!!  Until then though, we'll need some comic appetizers to get us by until then!  It's the second to last Mike And Mindy folks.  So let's "Drop" in and enjoy...

Talk about "Falling" for a girl!  Looks like Mike took Mindy's breath away!  The kids decided to pay homage to Peanuts in this next last entry in the series.  Charlie Brown never could get the leg up on Lucy.  Luckily fro Mike, the wind was blowing in his favor!

Well folks, that's all for this week.  We'll be back next time with a very "Punny" new Mushrooms to chomp on. I hope to have some exciting news on the horizon in terms of a new direction for the CRAZYVERSE to head in.  How soon that info comes, I cannot say given how far in advance I have to post these.  But I promise a big announcement is coming soon, so stay "Tooned!"  Until then, take care and I'll catch y'all later!